Smart Contracts

Web3 Firm Uncovers Major Security Flaw in Smart Contracts

Introduction In a groundbreaking revelation, a Web3 smart contract development firm, Thirdweb, has reported a security vulnerability that potentially impacts numerous smart contracts across the Web3 ecosystem. This discovery underscores…

By Conal Cram 3 Min Read

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2024 Playbook: Identity Security and Cloud Compliance

2024 Playbook: Identity Security and Cloud Compliance

Cloud migration and digital transformation have become more commonplace among enterprises, but these initiatives raise new challenges to protect their data, applications and workloads.  This complex world of cloud security calls for organizations to move towards Zero Standing Privileges and implement measures to protect identities...

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Smart Contracts Stories

DAOs: The Dawn of a Decentralized Era in Organizational Structure and Governance

The emergence and rising significance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) represent a…

By John Connor

AuditOne Raises €800k for Cutting-Edge Web3 Security Services

In a significant development for the Web3 ecosystem, AuditOne, a Cologne-based startup…

By Conal Cram

Demystifying Smart Contracts: The Future of Agreement in Web3

The digital world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and as…

By Conal Cram